QOTD: What is an SSL Certificate?

QOTD: What is an SSL Certificate & Why won’t my (enter payment gateway here) work without it? Answer: If you’re using your website for e-commerce an SSL certificate is ESSENTIAL! it’s not mandatory for some payment gateways like Square or Paypal, but it is for some like Simply Commerce & Stripe. an SSL allows for […]

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Graphic Design Special- Spring 2017!

HELLO ALL!  Thanks for Stopping By! In Celebration of launching A. Louise Creative I’m offering a limited time special during the month of March. I’m offering a discounted rate of $50 for some of my design services.  Now, there is a limit to the number of designs each customer can receive at the discounted rate […]

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Welcome to A. Louise Creative

Welcome to A. Louise Creative! For those of you who have known me previously, my former business was Lou Ink Graphics. It was decided that the business and my style needed an upgrade. If you’re wondering where “A. Louise” came from, well, it’s my name. A. (Ashlee) Louise (my middle name). Now… Onto the good […]

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