QOTD: Why should my logo design be in vector format?

QOTD: What is a Vector & why does it matter with my logo design?

This answer also matches with the video post done with our honest conversation about Logos that you can view Here!

Answer: A Vector image (usually an .ai or .eps file) is an image that is pixel INDEPENDENT. Meaning I can blow it up to put it on a billboard or I can shrink it down to put it on a pen & I don’t have to worry about it loosing quality & staying clean, crisp & clear. A raster image (photographs, jpeg’s, and png’s) is pixel DEPENDENT which means that if I blow it up larger than the size it was designed for, it’ll get blurry & pixelated.

Your logo should be given to you in ALL formats, ESPECIALLY the AI or EPS version. With the .EPS and the AI file formats, you can scale your logo to as small as a ink pen to as large as a storefront sign without having to “readjust” the artwork.  Make sure your Designer knows what you need before they start working so that there are no “surprises” during the design process.

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