Good Morning & Merry Christmas!

Welp, It’s Christmas! My living room started out as a beautifully put together room in my home to a disaster area in under 10 minutes, & you know what the messed up part is… I didn’t even get to watch them do it! This is Baby G’s first Christmas & apparently he went “ham” on the presents, tearing up the wrapping paper while i was asleep & when i got up, the deed was already done. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness & happiness though because for the first time as a parent, I didn’t wonder if we would be able to pull off Christmas at all. The craziest part is, this is my first year as a full time entrepreneur.

I don’t have a long drawn out post talking about how wonderful the holidays are or how to be thankful for what you’ve got because honestly, I know that I am & ‘m thankful for each and every person who has helped me to get to where I am. There will be some changes in the new year, some new services & some retired services & a whole lot of new pricing, But for today- Enjoy your family, Enjoy what makes you happy, Enjoy what brings you peace because the new year starts in exactly 1 week & on the best day of the week, a Wednesday. 😉

Setting Up Your Value

Alright, So… I wanted to share with you all how my husband & I were slapped in the face with value that we weren’t prepared for.  I recently won a...

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