Taime Out

Taime Out Massage Studios

The Brief:

Taime Out Massage Studios has been in business since 2013 & was a “free spirited” massage therapy business. Although highly effective, successful, & popular, the business had taken a turn into the very specific niche of Post Operative Massage for women who undergo plastic surgery. Due to this pivot, the overall look & feel of Taime out needed to be adjusted to visually represent the maturity and seriousness of the services that were now being provided.
The new focus was Self Love on Self Terms and encouraging the love of self BEFORE surgery and the love of self During the healing process AFTER surgery. Celebrating the human body in all it’s shapes & forms and encouraging others to love who they are unapologetically.

Project scope: 

  • Website design with integration to Keap
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Printed Materials design (books & products)

Website: https://taimeout.com