Branding Packages

Branding Packages

I created Branding packages because during my career as a designer, I’ve learned that a client may go to one designer for their logo, another for their website, and then another for their packaging design & end up with a myriad of design styles that don’t match & may not even speak to their target customer. These packages are designed to give you the most Bang for your buck. You’re able to get your logo, website, and packaging design all in one place and all on brand.

Each package is adjusted to fit your business’s particular needs and everything is established during our initial discovery call. If you’d like to speak with me first before making your deposit, just send me a message & I’ll be happy to schedule your discovery call & learn more about how i can best help you and your business grow.

What's the process?

1It all starts with a Phone Call, Video Chat, Email, Physical meeting. Some form of communication where we discuss your business goals, we identify your target audience, we lock down the colors, images, and ideas that resonate with your ideal customer, and what resonates most with YOU and Your Business so we can make sure there’s a clear connection between you and your customer.

At this point, the initial deposit is due & the fee schedule is solidified

2Based on our conversation, i get to work putting together the design aesthetic for your brand. Normally the Logo is the first of the designs, followed by the stationery & printables or printed items. During this time, information and photographs are gathered for the web design & social media design phase of the project.

3Once the logo is approved, it is tested with people within your ideal customer profile. By doing this testing, we can assure that 1. You’re getting exactly what you need for your business. and 2. That your logo resonates with your intended customer, so they’ll not only remember you, but they’ll do what you want them to do… Purchase! If the logo tests well with your intended audience & you’re still in love with it, it’ll be applied to all of your other branded materials before they go to press.  Once all the materials to be printed are approved, they will to go press at this time.

4By Now, we would have collected all of the website content, photos, & I’ve started to layout out the inner pages of the website (everything except the home page). We’ll go through the checklist based on your website’s needs to make sure of all the functionality that’s needed for your website.  The Homepage is LAST, once we get the inner pages complete, THEN we build the home page based on the most important feature, service, or product that you want your customers to buy, book, or learn about.

5Once the website is built, & ready to go, it’s also shown to people who would fit into your target audience to make sure it’s easy to navigate, easy to shop from, and easy to read. (believe it or not, what you may consider normal, isn’t normal for most folks). Adjustments are made for functionality & ease of browsing & maybe some aesthetics & then we’re ready to Launch!!

6I know that’s a lot, but there’s SO MUCH that goes into designing and EXECUTING a successful branding & marketing strategy and the best way to get it done, is to get it right the first time. While ALL of this is going on, we’re in constant communication going back & forth about your launch strategy, marketing efforts, collecting emails, and building up your buzz so you can have a successful launch!