Logo Design

Logo Design

What's the process?

1It all starts with a Phone Call, Video Chat, Email, Physical meeting. Some form of communication where we discuss your business goals, we identify your target audience, we lock down the colors, images, and ideas that resonate with your ideal customer, and what resonates most with YOU and Your Business so we can make sure there’s a clear connection between you and your customer.

At this point, the initial deposit is due & the fee schedule is solidified

2Based on our conversation, i get to work putting together the design for your logo & brand. Normally this phase takes about 1.5 to two weeks, as i try to give you 3-4 different versions to choose from & we can tweek & rearrange them from here. Once we get to a version you like (within the 7 revisions) we take it to be tested!

3What?!?! You test the logo?
Yep, I sure do! how else are you going to know if it’s working? we’ve spent so much time with it, that of course YOU know what it’s supposed to mean, but would your customer know what it means without having to explain it to them?. Exactly. so we test it out with a group of folks who match your intended audience to make sure the message you’re trying to send, is what’s received.

4So now that we’ve tested the logo, if it works the way you want it to, & it’s received well by your customers & you still love it. it’s done! i’ll package it up, the remaining balance is due, and then i’ll send you the files. Typically, I’ll create a folder on dropbox and share it with you so you can download it for use. You’ll receive the file in it’s Jpeg, Pdf, EPS, PNG, and PDF formats. it’ll be in full color & one color so you can use it however you need to.

5Once If the website does NOT test well, we go back to the drawing board using the feedback from the focus group & make the necessary adjustments. test it again & THEN I package it up all nice & neatly.

OK, so.... How much does it cost?

Logo design services start at $2500 (broken into two payments) and can increase depending on the number of revisions past the initial 7 included in the price. Turn around time is approximately 3-4 weeks, depending on revisions & focus groups.

Payment options ARE available, but you’d need to speak with me first.