Hire Ashlee as Your Designer for a Day.

Hey Everybody!

I’ve been working with a lot of my clients and have found that this service has been the most beneficial for most companies. In essence, you get to hire me  for my Graphic Design Service exclusively for a Business day. A full 8 hours, where you set the schedule, and I can work on your projects EXCLUSIVELY that day. This service is MAGIC because very rarely do you have the opportunity to have your designer on all just for you for an entire day. As the projects become complete, you will receive proofs of the work and you’ll get your finalized files that same day upon completion.  Anything that can be completed within that 8 hours can be done.

  • Each appointment must be booked 2 weeks in advance
  • Schedule of projects to be completed must be submitted 24 hours in advance
  • Video Chat during the day is available during the 8 hour period.
  • 1 Hour lunch break required (12:30-1:30 CST)
  • Work day starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm CST

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