QOTD: Ashlee, What does CMYK & RGB mean? and What difference does it make?

Answer: CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black (K). RGB stands for Red, Green, & Blue. These different color modes affect how your colors show up on your computer screen or how they’re printed on paper. When designing for print we use CMYK & for digital designs, RGB is used. CMYK’s color range isn’t a broad as RGB which is why some images might look super vibrant on the computer or on your phone, but not as bright or a little “off” when it’s printed. So when your designer (me) sends you a proof of a printed piece, I’ll send it to you in CMYK format so you can see what it’ll look like printed & i’ll send it to you in RGB so you can see what your facebook flyer will accurately look like as well.

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