The Truth about Blogging – 3 reasons why you should

Okay, So let me let you in on a secret… I have a lot to say, but I HATE writing it out. I know it helps to have things written down & typed up, but honestly blogging is a TASK (for me at least). But it has great benefits to it if you can keep it up. SO let’s break them down: Top 3 Reasons to Blog for your business…

  1. It’s an online record of some great information that people can look up YEARS from now. the thing about the internet is.. Once it’s on the internet, it’s Forever on the internet. even when you delete the “original” trust and believe there are copies stored somewhere of the article you posted back in 2002. SO, by blogging for your business, you help to develop the online encyclopedia of the internet and your mark is left for everyone to find you.
  2. You increase your Seo for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines. Yep, By posting regularly and keeping your site “changing” by posting new and consistent articles, your rankings on the search engines goes up because your keyword increase, your content becomes more relevant, and  due to this, people can find your website a lot easier & faster when they’re looking for the content that you’re providing.
  3. If you blog consistently, you’ll develop a following. A group of people who are dedicated to reading your articles and seeing what your website/ business has to offer. This is great for retaining and developing repeat customers, establishing a knowledge base for your readers & potential customers to reference, and establishing yourself as a reputable resource. The trick is, you can’t post trash articles without any relevant content… it doesn’t work well with most businesses unless you’re a gossip blog.

I do have a bit more information about blogging & how to set up the “formula” articles, But i’ll do a V-log later (so i won’t have to type). I look forward to speaking to you all soon!



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