Hello 2019! (kinda?)

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this post on January 1st, but it took me til today to actually post it.

For all the “not so happy” posts I’ve read about 2018, I’m sorry that last year wasn’t good to you, but I will say it was FANTASTIC for me, my family, & my business. 2018 owes me NOTHING! I have a few things that I need to clear up on my own, but it was due to my own decisions & actions….

Anyway, Here’s what happened…

I completed 3 of my big goals on my list that i made at the beginning of the year.

I consolidated my two businesses into one which gave me peace of mind & made my accounting life easier.

I READ A BOOK! Actually, I READ 2 BOOKS! They were business related & it may not be a big deal to you, but it’s HUGE to me!

My family is growing & we’ll have another mini-me in March.

We were able to use the income from our Business to purchase a car this year.

I realized that it was time to put my faith where it’s supposed to have been & service my clients full time. So as of January 10th I’m available for ALL THE THINGS!

We have a Home, Food, Insurance, and Healthy Children.

I learned a lot about balancing my career, my life, and my family. I learned that in order to grow, something has to be let go. So 2019 is All about Growth & Moving Forward!

I can’t wait to work with you all in 2019 & Beyond!😉

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