Show up for your Business

So, this year, I decided that I was going to switch some things up, change a few services, and retire a few services (Sorry ya’ll, but outside of family, I’m no longer offering wedding stationery). But in making this mindset shift and business practice shift, I was reminded about a post that my Business Bestie made on Facebook a couple years ago & she referred to owning a business in the sense of having a baby. Because it’s YOURS, YOU MUST BE THERE. You need to show up for your business.

If your business is hungry (for work, customers, visibility, etc) you must feed it.

If your business is crying (not reaching your target audience, not making money, working you to death) You must tend to it & figure out what it needs

You need to nurture your business & continue to make it better & make it grow (learn new skills, automate, scale when the time is right)

And when it gets big enough, you can keep it & continue to nurture it, OR you can sell it & let it be great for someone else (allow it to go off & get married)

So, When times are tough & the work isn’t coming in, the clients aren’t calling, your inbox is dry, your phone is not ringing, You still have to show up for your business, you still have to post in your facebook group & continue to invite people, You still have to advertise (maybe not on a large scale, but it has to be done), You still have to write your content, You still have to go to those uncomfortable networking lunches & Mixers (can you tell i don’t like them?) You STILL have to give the clients you DO have the best service you possibly can.

You wouldn’t allow your baby to starve

, you wouldn’t allow your baby to be sick without finding out what it takes to make he/she better, you wouldn’t allow your baby to fail in school without looking into every avenue and resource to help your baby graduate; it’s the same with your business; You decided to Birth this beautiful problem solving entity that not only solves your problem (not having any money/ time/ peace/ whatever it may be) but it also solves the problem of the population you decided to serve!

SO this year,

We’re going to pledge to be present in our Business,

We’re going to show up for our business, we’re going to talk about our business, we’re going to hand out every business card, promotional pen, and t-shirt. We’re going to get over being camera shy & do those video streams, because the world needs your baby; the world needs your business.

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