3 tips for starting the Morning Less Stressed

The Holidays are coming… Are you mentally prepared?!?

A Big thing that has become a BIG thing in life is keeping your headspace clear. Like seriously… if your head isn’t in the game, how are you supposed to perform?!?

By Establishing a Morning Routine that HELPS You; you can:
-Be more creative which means discover new things about yourself & your business
-Attract your dream customers which means you can make more money
– You’ll be HAPPIER! which means your family & friends will want to hang around you more cause you won’t be a grouch.

SO… Here’s what you do:

1. Make sure water is the first thing you drink in the morning… It gets your systems moving & it’ll help you make better decisions in the morning

2. Eat Something!!! You ever notice how groggy you can be until you eat something in the morning? – Start with fruit, a salad, or even a smoothie. nothing heavy that’ll put you to sleep.

3. List YOUR priorities for the day & Keep it that way… It’s easy to loose yourself in emails & what other people will consider an emergency when you’re a service provider.

**BONUS** Don’t you check those emails until you’ve finished at least 2 items on YOUR priority list. You’ll thank me later.

By the way, Have you scheduled your discovery call yet? 2022 is right around the corner & having your systems set up to start collecting the monies & your clients is a great way to start the year!

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